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We are available 7 days a week for expert wildlife removal and rodent removal. If you have an animal running loose in your home call 1-800-303-3873 immediately. Homeowners carry phobias towards certain animals such as:

  • Squirrels running through their house
  • Raccoons falling through their ceiling
  • Snakes squeezing under their doorways

Call me immediately for effective pest control in New Jersey!

Wildlife & Rodent Removal

Total Attic Cleanup

We do decontamination and deodorizing of your attic. We perform removal and vacuuming of animal debris droppings. Leaving debris will attract more animals into your home. We also use an application of misting agent bio shield to decontaminate the attic and replace any insulation if necessary. Once done with this, we complete deodorizing with special agents to make your attic smell like new.
Damage Repairs

We will fix the holes animals leave, making sure they do not return to your home. We specialize in repairing animal damaged property. We use heavy gauge stucco wire, special foams, and heavy gauge metal finishing so animals will not get back into your home. We also use special detergent sprays to eliminate reentry.
Evans Maintenance, LLC.
Chimney Crown Repair

We can repair and seal your chimney crown. Most chimney crowns can be repaired. We use a special sealant and epoxies to eliminate cracking and openings. If neglected, water seepage will occur down drywall and eventually masonry crown will break way, leaving bigger holes for animals to get in to your home.

Gutter Cleaning

We clean out your gutters and install the Leaf Defier system. Your gutters should be cleaned every spring and fall. We can install gutter guards (Leaf Defier) to eliminate cleaning once and for all. Clogged gutters cause fascia board behind them to rot, making it easier for animals to chew through the soft, rotted wood and enter your home.
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