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Welcome to All Animal Wildlife Pest Control in New jersey

We provide dependable pest control in New Jersey, giving you the honest, reliable, courteous, and caring service you deserve for a reasonable price.

We inspect your property from soup to nuts, from the basement to the top the roof. No entry points are forgotten.

Same day call back GUARANTEED.

We will work around your schedule to make an appointment with you.

We identify, prepare, and eliminate your animal problem.

We use two cages at your property, one excluder cage by the animal's opening, and we also use one main near the animal's opening.

All cages will be checked by us within three to five days, or the homeowner can check on a daily basis. The cages are set in an easily identifiable location.

All animals will be relocated as per state law. All babies will be relocated to local shelters or the Popcorn Park Zoo.

If any animals get through our repairs within one year, we will fix the problem for free!

We are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We love what we do and are devoted to making you, the homeowner, as happy as possible.

We are constantly learning new techniques for effective wildlife removal and rodent removal. I have a life time subscription to the top-rated animal control magazine available, Profession Wildlife Control Magazine.

We treat every animal we catch as if it were our very own personal pet. No animal is ever harmed.

Animals can cause damage to homes by chewing on electrical wiring causing a fire hazard. They bring in different types of diseases and parasites that are transmissible to pets and humans.

Animals cause damage to your home; they carry diseases and parasites. They basically bring an invasion to your privacy.

We solve these problems while giving our customers peace of mind and a safe home as well as doing our best to respect and preserve Mother Nature.